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Everyone has times in life when they feel frustration, anxiety, or depletion. We live in a complex and demanding world, where it's difficult to maintain balance, focus, and perspective. A skilled therapist can help you understand yourself, create change in your circumstances, or develop effective coping skills when current circumstances cannot be changed.

With thoughtful and compassionate psychotherapy, I can help you bring about personal growth and change. I offer therapy for individuals, couples, children, teens and families. I value work with all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and spiritual beliefs.

You may call me for a free phone consultation or to make an initial appointment to see if I am the right fit for you.

In my years of experience I have helped people combat depression and anxiety, take risks, gain self-confidence, become more successful, access their creativity, feel more fulfilled in their careers, and obtain the self-knowledge that leads to healthier, stronger, and more satisfying relationships.

I can help if you find yourself: